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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1. How can I find the right phonecard for me?
  • Q2. How do I use my phonecard?
  • Q3. What is rounding?
  • Q4. What is a connection fee?
  • Q5. What is a service fee?
  • Q6. What is incremental billing (Blocking)?
  • Q7. Does my phonecard have an expiry date?
  • Q8. How do I use my expired card?
  • Q9. Can I use my phonecard from overseas?
  • Q10. How do I know how much credit I have left on my phonecard?
  • Q11. What is Direct Dial?
  • Q12. What is Speed Dial?
  • Q13. What is the difference between off peak and 24 hour great rates?
  • Q14. How can I recharge my phonecard?
  • Q15. I forgot / lost my PIN...what to do?
  • Q16. Can I access my call history?
  • Q17. Who do I call if I need help?
  • Q18. Can I use my phonecard if my mobile doesn't have any credit?

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