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  • gotalk Ezichat Landline

    Want to SAVE on your home phone bill? gotalk Ezichat Landline is the answer

    gotalk Ezichat is a fantastic device that when plugged into your landline saves you money by bypassing your provider's call rates.

    Why gotalk Ezichat Landine?

    • Hassle FREE dialling No access OR PIN numbers
    • Unbelievably low rates for International and long distance calling
    • Prepaid landline for more control over your phone bill
    • Automatic recharge with Auto Top Up
    • Stay with your current service provider

    By using Ezichat you stay in complete control of what you spend by choosing your own rate plan from one of the great value phone cards listed below:

    ONLY $49.95

    (includes $30 calling credit)

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