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  • How It Works?

    What is it?

    - gotalk Ezichat Landline is a fantastic cordless phone that when plugged into your landline socket, saves you money by bypassing your service provider calling rates.

    Getting Started

    - Once you have bought your gotalk Ezichat handset and registered your rate plan, simply plug the handset into your landline socket and get talking!


    - Your gotalk Ezichat Landline can be recharged anytime online, or by calling 0800 447 296 from your Ezichat handset (FREE Call).

    Making National Calls

    Local Calls

    - Your local calls are charged by your existing service provider (not gotalk Ezichat Landline)

    National Calls.

    - Make national calls for 3.5c per min (plus a local call cost, for a maximum 2 hours)

    New Zealand Mobiles

    - Calls to New Zealand Mobiles are charged at 38.9c per minute (plus a local call cost, for a maximum 2 hours)

    Making International Calls

    - To make international calls from as little as ½c per minute choose a rate plan from one of our fantastic CardCall phonecards.

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