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  • Terms and Conditions

    You must have an existing fixed line service.

    To access the gotalk Ezichat Landline service, you must call the applicable VIP phonecard access number, and separately pay your fixed or mobile telephone service provider for the cost of connection to that access number.

    Line rental and local call costs will still be charged by your existing provider. Local call costs apply to all calls. Calls charged based your linked phonecard. Unused stored value on a phonecard is not redeemable or refundable.

    NZ50c weekly service fee applies (Happy Calling &Hot incur NZ$1 weekly service fee). Additional charges such as daily fees, service fees, or surcharges may apply in accordance with the standard rates and charges for the phonecard to which your gotalk Ezichat Landline service is linked.

    Your phonecard will expire if it is not recharged for a minimum of NZ$10 every six months. If your card expires, then a maximum of NZ$5 administration fee applies to reactivate the retired phonecard.

    gotalk may change the gotalk Ezichat Landline Service Customer Terms on reasonable notice by putting that notice on the Your rights as a customer are set out in the Customer Terms.

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