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International Prepaid Calling Cards and Phonecards

Select a phonecard from New Zealand's leading range!

Prepaid calling cards and phonecards are a great way to keep in touch with your friends and family from anywhere in the world. Our extensive range makes it even easier by offering no surprises, competitive rates and great value to over 200 countries worldwide.

Choose the best phonecard for you by either using the phonecard finder or by browsing the target destinations available below.

SuperBuzz Asia

Call Asia &Middle East

SuperBuzz Pacific

Call Pacific Islands

Choice Tonga

Call Tonga only

Wild Africa

Call Africa

Choice Samoa

Call Samoa only

Choice Fiji

Call Fiji only

Happy Calling

Call India &Philippines

Talk More Pacific

Call Pacific Islands

Talk Pacific

Call Pacific Islands

Choice Middle East

Call Middle East

Choice Africa

Call Africa

Choice Asia

Call Asia

Choice Cambodia

Call Cambodia &Vietnam

Talk More Asia

Call Asia &Middle East


Call World Wide

Mekong Bay

Call Vietnam

Hong Bao

Call Asia

Talk More India

Call Indian Subcontinent


Call Philippines

Talk Africa

Call Africa

Talanoa Samoa

Call Samoa

Minute Max

Call Asia & Europe

Pay Peanuts

Call Africa

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