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Talanoa Samoa Phonecard

Say HELLO to family and friends in Samoa with the Talanoa Samoa phonecard. You will be able to talk and talk and talk with the 24 hour GREAT rates and NO connection fee available on this fantastic phonecard.

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    Key Features & Benefits include:

    • Easy to Use - The calling process is very simple, straightforward and designed to make calling efficient. Live operators are always available if required.
    • 15 Languages - This phone card is able to play its voice prompts in fifteen languages - Arabic, Cantonese, English, Filipino, Greek, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish, Thai, Turkish & Vietnamese.
    • Customer Service - Our customer service department operates during business hours Monday to Friday and can assist with all your product enquiries.
    • Local access numbers
      Dial directly from your location using these access numbers:
      09 281 8468
      03 974 2568
      03 929 4468
      07 929 3468
      Palmerston North:
      06 929 9468
      06 280 3468
      04 280 8468
    • NZ wide access number - 014 88
      Offers customers the CardCall feature 014 88 which provides customers with New Zealand wide access with no surcharge from fixed lines (surcharge applies when calling from payphones or mobiles).

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